Wacky Necklaces of Fun!

You asked for a better view of our crazy necklaces, and at Bead World you always get what you ask for! 
Step One: Choose a focal charm, or even better, a cluster of focal charms!  Here, we chose a collage art pendant and made a chain tassel our of an ornamental bead.
Step Two: Add a little bit of everything you can find that’s colorful, sparkly, glitzy and fun!  Here you see clear acrylic beads, filigree crystal beads, crystal sparkle balls, colorful pearls, crystals and charms.
Step Three: Make sure to include the unexpected!  A wire wrapped acrylic flower stack keeps the viewer’s attention. Colorful skulls, Czech glass beads and even more charms make an appearance.  Do you see the tiny pistol tucked in there?!

 There’s truly no rule about what to include or leave out.  Below, enjoy a few quick snapshots of the stacking area we raided for the majority of the necklace.  (They look so innocent before we piled them together into our crazy concoction!)  Essentially, if it feels like it’s too much, add a few more things!

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