Tucson Trends Part Two

Tucson Trends Part Two

Tucson Trends: Part Two

(The Best of the Stuff We Brought Back for You!)

We have such a great time shopping for you guys at the big gem shows.  This time, we brought back beautiful gem strands, fabulous findings and cool beads of all kinds.  Here are a few of our very favorites from the most recent trip:

2015-02-11 08.54.05

Does it get any more gorgeous than this strand of large, faceted London blue topaz nuggets?!  We picked up blue topaz in a variety of shades and shapes.  All of them are beautiful.

2015-02-11 08.55.04

Labradorite and moonstone were HUGE at this year’s show.  We picked up a ton of both stones, looking for those enchanting flashes of blue and green that make these stones so delightful.

2015-02-11 09.05.27

Amethyst!  The last few shows, there has been a noticeable lack of dark purple amethyst.  This time, however, the curse was broken!  We stocked up on rich, deep purples in a wide range of shapes.

2015-02-11 09.00.41

Wonderful Links!  These amazing findings feature a gemstone surrounded by a row of crystal cz’s and then multiple rows of black cz’s, creating a luxurious link.  I bought a ring like this last year, and I am asked about it every time I wear it to the store.  You made your voices heard!!  So, here ya go, guys!  Have fun!


Of course, we stocked up on LOTS AND LOTS of druzy beads, pendants and links.  This is a trend that is not going away any time soon!

2015-02-11 09.03.32

Matte Black Onyx has been on our radar for a couple of years, but we’re finding that demand has regularly outstripped supply.  This show, we literally bought ALL the matte black onyx round beads we could find.  Get them while they last, since we know these guys always sell fast.  (Matte Black Onyx is particularly awesome for masculine jewelry.)

2015-02-11 09.03.45

In a similar vein, lava beads are continuing to grow in popularity.  Great for both men and women, this organic bead works especially well in elastic bracelets.  It’s light weight, easy to wear and a bit unusual.  We stocked up in a big way, so come and get it!

2015-02-11 09.04.19

Our last feature for today represents a Bead World first!  For years, y’all have been asking for rosewood beads.  We’ve always said no, because rosewood is an endangered wood.  This trip, however, we were able to team up with a supplier that is using leftover cuttings from the furniture industry to create ecologically sound rosewood beads.  This is rosewood you can feel good about!

We had a great time hand-selecting these fabulous treasures for you.  Have fun shopping!

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