Tucson Trends: Fall 2014

Tucson Trends: Fall 2014
Tucson Trends: Fall 2014
Your Bead World buying team is back from shopping for amazing beads for YOU!  What, you might ask, are the bead and jewelry trends this fall?  Here’s a recap:
 The colors of the season, as forecasted by Pantone, feature bright jewel tones!  Hurray for bright blues and reds, highlighted by an great warm gray and a range of muted pinks.  It’s an interesting color grouping, and we found it very inspirational.
 Lapis lazuli was EVERYWHERE at this show!  You might notice that it’s a great natural match to “Bright Cobalt” in the Fall Pantone color forecast.  We’ve had a lack of good lapis for years, and it’s great to see it back in the marketplace.  (Much lapis comes from Afghanistan and surrounding areas, and travel and exports have been difficult in that region.) 

Large, smooth precious beads were a big trend at this show!  The rubies pictured above were just one of our fabulous purchases.  (Note the color!  A fun way to add “Sangria” into your beading palette!)  We also picked up some fabulous smooth emeralds. as well as some beautiful semi-precious stones.

In contrast to the large smooth stones, we also saw a whole lot of rough nugget beads that had NOT been tumbled.  This is a real departure from the traditional preparation of beads.  One interesting aspect of these rough nuggets is that they have an exciting sparkle, with light bouncing off all those unfinished edges.
Larimar has continued to be popular, showing up in a greater variety of shapes and price points.  In addition to these amazing rounds, we picked up chips, fun shapes and some inexpensive stabilized strands.  Now you can have larimar in your bead collection, no matter your budget or preferences!
Color was a giant trend at this show, with beautifully dyed jade beads being featured heavily.  We picked up these fun jade strands in fashion colors to highlight our Pantone preview as well as fan favorites, like turquoise and bright green.  Whatever your favorite color, your sure to find it in our dyed jade strands.
Come on in to your favorite Bead World store to see these beauties in person! 

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