Trends from the Gem Show

Trends from the Gem Show

We wish we could take every one of you with us to the Gem Shows.  Unfortunately, they’ll only give us a limited number of badges. What we can (and will now) do is let y’all know the very best trends we found. What gems are popular right now? What cuts are huge? Which styles are everyone raving about? Here’s where you’ll find all that, and more!!


Peridot: Every show, there is a standout gem.  This time, the peridot was bigger, juicier, prettier and better priced than I have ever seen it before.  Of course, we all stocked up!  After all, this delicious citrus green stone is stunning with turquoise, onyxm silver… Basically, it’s just stunning.


cz encrusted agate bead

CZ Encrustred Gems:  How can anyone improve upon a lovely agate? Encrust it Indian style with black and clear CZs of course!  Available as beads and links, these accents are unparalleled.


apatite rondelles

Big, Juicy Rondelles: The cut of the show, hands down, was large (6mm or bigger) rondelles.  Long considered the most versatile of faceted cuts, rondelles are usually tiny.  Not this show! Big, fat, juicy rondelles ruled the roost, and they were AMAZING.


8mm round beads

8mm Round “Mala Style” beads: The yoga inspired trend will never, ever, ever end.  But it does keep evolving. While 6mm and 10mm round beads were still popular, 8mm round beads were EVERYWHERE. Designed with generous holes for stretchy bracelets, these little pretties were the belle of the ball.


matte beads

Matte Gemstones: If there was anything more popular than 8mm round beads, it was MATTE 8mm round beads.  The soft, organic feel of matte gemstones just gets more trendy with each show. One of our favorite vendor let us know that matte dumortierite (dark blue in the lower left of this photo) is his absolute best seller.  So, of course, we brought a ton home for y’all.


lava beads

Lava Beads: Cool, organic and unisex, lava was all over the place. Whether you’re making a stretchy bracelet or a mala, lava always looks fresh.


mantra onyx beads

Mantra Beads and Pendants: We bought piles of Buddha and mantra pendants, charms and beads.  These 6mm matte onyx beads are my absolute favorite score of the entire show. Every bead is beautifully inscribed with its own mantra.

I hope you enjoyed your own personal tour of the very best of the Tucson Gem Show trends.

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