Top Jewelry Trends of 2016

Top Jewelry Trends of 2016

Top Jewelry Trends of 2016

Happy New Year, y’all!  As we usher in 2016, let’s look at the hottest trends in happening in jewelry right now.  It’s an exciting time to love jewelry, as dramatic statement pieces are everywhere.  This is the perfect time to freshen up your jewelry wardrobe with these fabulous looks from some of our favorite Arizona designers.

Trend #1: Industrial

Jware Photo by Michael Franco

Industrial chic is about combining hard, cold metals with a glamorous approach.  This gorgeous Signature Statement Collection necklace from Jware is industrial done right!  Tough materials combined with a luxe hand adds up to an elegant, powerful statement.  Designed by longtime Bead World friend Janel Nordstrom, the Jware line is full of innovative design.  Not to mention, it’s uber-cool!  Check it out at   (Model: Chelsea Nordstrom, Photo by Michael Franco)


Trend #2: Dramatic Pendants

BD Designs long necklaces with awesome pendants

A single dramatic, beautiful pendant on a long chain (alone or layered) looks amazing with a t-shirt and jeans or a fabulous dress.  You can’t go wrong!  Just pick something special and pair it with the necklace that best matches it (chain, beads, whatever), and you are set.  BD Designs, created by the one and only Barbara Forman, has a lock on fabulous bohemian jewelry.    Take a look at her beautiful work at


Trend #3: Malas

Willow Rose Mala

This is the trend that just keeps giving.  It makes sense, as a mala necklace combines bohemian allure with the long necklace trend.  It layers well, and gives a sense of the mysterious and spiritual.  Whether you use it for prayers or affirmations or just wear it as an accessory, a mala is an awesome addition to your 2016 jewelry wardrobe.  Willow Rose Jewelry, from the delightful hands of our own Taylor Klassen, makes the most wonderful malas.  This piece features dragon’s blood jasper and banyong wood.  See more at


Trend #4: Mismatched Earrings

Jen in mismatched earrings

We’re having a Janet Jackson moment right here in 2016!  That’s right, mismatched earrings are back in for the brave of heart.  To get this look right, keep a few thoughts in mind. 1) Think balance.  If one earring is wide, make the other longer and skinnier.  You want each piece to have the same visual weight, even if they look different. 2) SOMETHING should match.  They should contain some of the same colors, be made of the same metal or utilize a similar technique.  There should be some common element that lets people know that these are an actual pair of earrings, and that you didn’t accidentally just pick up the wrong earrings this morning.  This pair, made by Lezli and modeled by Jennifer Eng, utilize pieces from our micro-pave collection.  You can see more in our stores.  Location information is available at


Trend #5: Ear Candy

Emily Sommers Earring

This year, only one thing matters about your earrings.  They’ve got to be BIG!  We’re seeing chandeliers, hoops, danglers, shoulder dusters.  They are metallic, monochrome, colorful, ethnic, lucite, matching, mismatched (see above)… I mean, really, it’s all over the place.  But they are all big. Seriously. BIG.  The Emily Somers stunners above are airy and lightweight, sophisticated and chic.  See more of her beautiful work at

But wait!  There’s more!  Here are two more fun pairs of fabulous BIG earrings:


Bead World’s long Swarovski Trapeze Earrings


Bead World’s Bohemian Fringe Earrings

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