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Flat Crimping Tutorial

Flat Crimping Tutorial One of the classic techniques every beader should know is how to crimp! Crimping allows you to string your jewelry designs onto durable flexible stainless steel wire and then connect it to a clasp. Knowing how to

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Barefoot Sandals Tutorial

Barefoot Sandals Tutorial It’s summertime and the living is easy…especially in these chic beaded Barefoot Sandals!  Use our tutorial to dress up your toes this summer all summer long with Barefoot Sandals to match every outfit. . You will need:

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Dancing Pearls Bracelet Tutorial

Dancing Pearls Bracelet Tutorial Believe it or not, our Dancing Pearls kits have been around since 2014 (WHAAATTT??) and they continue to be a best seller 3 years later.  They’re just so fun and we can’t get enough!!  This bracelet is a

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Wire Crochet Cuff Bracelet Tutorial

Wire Crochet Cuff Bracelet Tutorial Yet another fabulous wire crochet jewelry project, our Wire Crochet Cuff takes wire crochet up a level by adding in single crochet stitch.  This turns the piece into a rectangle that makes a beautiful cuff bracelet.

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Chimera Bracelet Tutorial

Chimera Bracelet Tutorial Just like the mythical hybrid of multiple animals whose name we used for this stunner, our Chimera bracelet magically combines multiple jewelry techniques into one fantastic bracelet.  The chimera bracelet is an advanced level project, seamlessly bringing together leather wrap

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Intermediate Spanish Knot Bracelet Tutorial

Intermediate Spanish Knot Bracelet Tutorial The Spanish Knot continues to be a major hit here at Bead World!!  We absolutely love its unique look and versatility – it can be used in so many amazing ways!  Our Intermediate Spanish Knot

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Whimsical Heart Charm Tutorial

Whimsical Heart Charm Tutorial Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and love is in the air!!  Can you feel it?  Bump up the love factor by making this adorable heart charm! . You will need: 18 Gauge Half Hard

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Spooktacular Tree of Life Bracelet Tutorial

Spooktacular Tree of Life Bracelet Tutorial This month our very popular Tree of Life bracelet has turned scary and ghoulish in our all new Spooktacular Tree of Life bracelet. This bracelet is the perfect way to bring a little Halloween

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