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Modern Gemstone Bracelet Tutorial Now that we’ve covered our Flat Crimping Tutorial and our Double Crimping Tutorial, we can put those techniques to use in our Modern Gemstone Bracelet. It is a beautiful combination of gemstone beads and sleek spacer

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Winter 2018 Tucson Treats, Part 2: Notable Gemstones! In addition to tons of fabulous sterling silver, our recent buying trip yielded so many drool-worthy gemstones!!  As a gemstone fanatic I happen to love pretty much all gemstones, but at this

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Tucson Trends: Fancy Gemstone Shapes!! On our bi-annual shopping trip, we’re always looking for new amazing & trendy pieces to bring back to our stores. The hottest trend that we saw this year was fun, fancy, & funky shapes!! These

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New Pretties! It’s that magical time again – twice a year the Bead World buying team does a big buying trip where we get to see all the prettiest things the jewelry world has to offer. The best part is

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Gemstones to Get the Job Done!! Next week the bead world team is headed to Tucson. Yes – it’s that amazing time of year when we get to see all that the jewelry world has to offer and buy the prettiest

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Gemstone Eye Candy We have so many gorgeous high end gemstones in our stores right now that we just had to show you!!! These are some of the most beautiful gemstones that you can find – the “caviar of gemstones”

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Gorgeous New Lace Agate Pendants We recently got these brand new top-drilled briolette lace agates in at both Bead World stores and they are so stunning that we had to share!!! With beautiful banding running either horizontally or vertically these

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Gemstone of the Month: Crystal Quartz . . Easily the most commonly used gemstone in beading, clear crystal quartz is the undisputed queen of beads. Also known as rock crystal, pure quartz is attractive, durable and quite inexpensive. Whether tumbled

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As we head into Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be fun to talk about the gems of love — gemstones that have been used in various cultures to attract, strengthen and maintain love.  The metaphysical properties of each of

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Tucson Trends!! (Part 1) Okay, folks!  We’re back from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.  (In case you live under a rock, this is the biggest gem and mineral show on planet Earth.  There may be bigger ones on other

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