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Gemstone of the Month: Carnelian

Gemstone of the Month: Carnelian The beautiful colors of carnelian have been entrancing the eye since the Roman era, when beautiful and intricate carvings were created out of the stone. They made the perfect wax seal, because hot wax won’t

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Tucson Trends: Fancy Gemstone Shapes

Tucson Trends: Fancy Gemstone Shapes!! On our bi-annual shopping trip, we’re always looking for new amazing & trendy pieces to bring back to our stores. The hottest trend that we saw this year was fun, fancy, & funky shapes!! These

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New Pretties!

New Pretties! It’s that magical time again – twice a year the Bead World buying team does a big buying trip where we get to see all the prettiest things the jewelry world has to offer. The best part is

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Gemstones for Independence

Gemstones for Independence Happy 4th of July weekend!!! This weekend we celebrate our country’s independence and freedom, but did you know there are also gemstones that represents independence and freedom too? If you aren’t feeling up to wearing the standard

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