Swarovski Christmas Tree Earring Tutorial

Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree Earrings!

This Christmas, Bead World has a fabulous classic holiday earring pattern for you — Swarovski Crystal Christmas Trees!  This traditional pattern can be done in a number of ways (try emerald AB for glitz, or crystal AB for a snowy treat!) and can be used as earrings, a pendant or as part of an ornament or bookmark.  The pictured version uses Swarovski crystal margaritas in emerald and bicones in jonquil and light siam.

You will need:

  • 10mm Swarovski margaritas (2)
  • 8mm Swarovski margaritas (2)
  • 6mm Swarovski margaritas (4)
  • 3mm Swarovski bicones, yellow (2)
  • 3mm Swarovski bicones, red (2)
  • 24 gauge sterling silver headpins (2)
  • Sterling silver ear wires (2)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters

  • String one red bicone, one 10mm margarita, one 8mm margarita, two 6mm margaritas and one yellow bicone onto one headpin.  Use your needle nose pliers to bend the headpin above the beads.

  • Use the round nose pliers to form a loop in the wire above the beads.
  • Use your wire wrapping technique to wrap the wire loop closed and cut off any excess wire. 
  • Using your needle nose pliers, open the loop at the bottom of your ear wire.  Be sure to rotate the loop open to the side, like you would open a jump ring.  Add the wire wrapped loop to the open ear wire loop.
  • Rotate the ear wire loop closed again, and your earring is finished!  Repeat all steps for the other earring.
Try it in Crystal AB for a glamorous Snowy Tree!
    To order kits for the Swarovski Christmas Tree Earrings OR the Snowy Swarovski AB Christmas Tree Earrings, call our store at (480) 948-2323



3 comments on “Swarovski Christmas Tree Earring Tutorial
  1. Amy Sara says:

    Swarovski is one of my most favourite brand and I love their Crystal Jewelry. This Swarovski Christmas Tree Earrings is adorable but I didn’t saw it at their website in recent holiday collection. Is it belongs to old edition? XO

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  2. Our Christmas Tree Earrings are definitely still part of the collection. You can check them out at http://beadworldinc.com/onlinestore/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2_13_14

  3. Su Ho says:

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