Stunning Stretch Bracelets

One of this season’s hottest trends is stacks and stacks of stretchy bracelets.  Luckily, this is also one of the beading world’s easiest skills!  Just string your beads onto elastic cording (we like Stretch Magic brand cord), tie two overhand knots and glue with an appropriate glue.  (Make sure the glue says that it dries clear and flexible — we use E600 glue.  DON’T use super glue, as it makes the elastic stiff and breakable!)  Pull the knot into a large hole in one of your beads or cover it with a crimp cover.  This summer bracelets look hottest with organic materials, like wood, horn and shell.  Accent them with cool metal details, charms or anything “zen”. 

When your bracelets are done, pile them all on at the same time.  You’ll notice that we used lots of different kinds of wood and horn beads, in several different sizes.  Can you see the little brass TierraCast Buddha bead?  He’s a great favorite in the stores!
Here are a few easy patterns you can try:

Above: 6mm white wood beads with 8mm burnt horn beads.  The accent beads are vermeil nuggets.

Above: 6mm plam wood beads, with silver plated TierraCast hex spacers.

Above:  6mm gray wood beads with vermeil nugget spacers.

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