Simple Leather Lariat Tutorial

Simple Leather Lariat Tutorial
Spanish Pavé Lariat Necklace

With just 4 feet of leather and three large hole beads you can make an adorable lariat necklace.  Inexpensive, easy and fun!  Enjoy this simple leather lariat tutorial.  If you haven’t worked with the Spanish Knot before, you can find more detailed instructions HERE.

You will need:
·         1.5mm leather (4 feet)      
·         10mm pave bead with 2mm hole (3)
·         GS Hypo Glue (Red)          
·         Cutters for leather
 Place your bead on the 4 feet of leather, half way down.     Hold the leather under the pave bead with your left thumb and finger.  Take right strand of leather and place it under the left strand.  Hold it with your right hand where it crosses, forming a 1 inch “D”.  

  Let go of the bead for a second, while you flip the same strand of leather over the top of the center strand. 
 Again, hold it where it crosses under the button. 

Next, take the left strand of leather and place it over the strand going out to the right.   
Then go under and pass through the loop to the left, towards you.
Still holding under the bead pull each strand (left, then right) gradually reducing the size of the loops.   
Just push and pull until it’s lightly in place.  The knot should be located ¼ inch down from the button. 
 Then add a second knot.
20 inches below the second knot, add a new Spanish knot.   
Make sure to pull the knot very tight and make sure the leather is even.
Leave a space the same size as your bead and tie a Spanish knot. 
Thread a pavé bead onto one side of the leather, sliding it all the way up to the knot.
Tie a simple overhand knot in the leather, right under the pave bead.
   Thread the final pave bead onto the other side of the leather. Tie a simple overhand knot in the leather, right under the pave bead.  Leave a space, so the beads are different heights.
  Use the GS Hypo Cement (red) to glue all around the knots. 
  Cut off any excess leather.  
 The finished necklace is shown below.
2 comments on “Simple Leather Lariat Tutorial
  1. Keely says:

    Lezli, thank you for your spanish knot instructions!! I purchased one of your kits this past weekend and had difficulty with the instructions because I couldn’t see what was happening under your fingers. These instructions were much easier to follow!!

  2. I’m glad you were able to follow these pictures! That’s why we try to explain it as many ways as possible — everyone learns differently, and various angles can help!

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