Shelley’s Special Something

Shelley’s Special Something´╗┐

I hear it a lot… “I’m just not creative,” they say.  “I just don’t know what to do if I don’t have a pattern.  And I REALLY don’t know what to do with irregular stones.”  Rough cut gemstones and organic styles can throw some people for a loop.  What if the pieces don’t line up perfectly?  What if they don’t match?  What if they lay a little funky?!?!  The uncertainty can push a crafter over the edge!

Regular Bead World client (and friend, of course) Shelley Ilene is one of those designers that has a way with unruly, irregular stones.  She has a certain panache — unusual color combinations, creative cuts and fabulous findings are what feed her soul.  Here’s some Shelley Ilene eye candy to help you make the jump from uncertain to courageous!

This wonderful necklace features multiple cuts (irregular top drilled rutilated quartz and iolite, rutilated quartz briolettes, iolite rondelles and more).  The earrings feature similar stones in different cuts.  The pieces go together without being too matchy-matchy.

A great detail shot of the earrings, highlighting the wire wrap construction and the fun open link sterling silver chain that is holding it all together.

This detail shot of the necklace highlights the two colors of rutilated quartz.  You can really see the gorgeous cuts in this picture.  Shelley can always be counted on for her fabulous eye for gemstones!
For more information about Shelley Ilene’s jewelry, you can call her at 310.922.5769 or check out her shop at


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  1. azcigargirl says:

    Thank you for featuring my birthday present to ME on your blog. I’ve recently updated my Etsy page so you can check out some of my other creations.

    Thanks again,

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