Santa Hat Earrings

Santa Hat Earrings

Every Holiday season, we debut a brand new festive jewelry kit.  This year we introduce the “Santa Hat Earring Kit”!  This adorable pair of earrings feature a dangling pom pom at the top of Santa’s iconic hat.  You can follow the directions below to make it yourself!  Bead World offers a kit with everything included for just $10.25 — just call 480-948-BEAD (2323) to order.

Kit Includes:

·         8mm Swarovski Crystal round beads (2)

·         Czech tear drops (2)

·         Swarovski rondelles (2)

·         2 inch 24 ga sterling silver headpins (2)

·         1 ½  inch 24 ga S.S. headpins (2)

·         3mm Czech fire polish round (2)

You Will Also Need:

·  Needle Nose Pliers

·   Round Nose Pliers

·   Wire Cutters

1.     Stack beads onto a 2 inch headpin in the following order: 8mm crystal, rondelle, tear drop.

2.     Make a wire wrapped loop above the beads.

3.     Wrap the loop closed and cut off any extra wire.

4.     String one 3mm Czech bead into a 1 ½ inch headpin and form a wire loop (as shown below).  Wrap the loop closed and cut off any extra wire.

5.     Open the ring at the bottom of the ear wire and string on the two wire wrapped loops.

6.     Close the ring to finish the earring.  Repeat all steps for the other earring.  The finished earrings are shown below.

You can now order our Sana Hat earring Kit online HERE!

5 comments on “Santa Hat Earrings
  1. dhruvo Islam says:

    very much delightful to see all the pictures of earring….I will buy some earring and will gift it to my loved ones…
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  2. CourtD says:

    Can you please tell me the size of the tear drop bead used? Thanks.

  3. Cindy says:

    What is the size of the swarovski rondelles?

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