Put the Pretties Front and Center!

Put the Pretties Front and Center!
There are few things I love in this world more than a beautiful, substantial toggle, but I hate wasting all of that silvery goodness at the back of my neck.  No matter how much I love a clasp, there’s no sense paying for something that people may never even see.  What’s a girl to do?  I say…put the toggle in the front of the necklace!  When you use a high end designer clasp, it can be the most stunning element of your entire piece.   (The toggle shown above left currently retails at Bead World for $16.50.)
Once you get used to the idea of  placing a toggle at the front of a piece, it opens up a whole new world of engineering options.  A toggle is a great place to anchor a pendant or large gemstone.  In the piece shown at right, turquoise and a pearl were wire wrapped onto a sleek, modern toggle.  This creates a “Y” neckline while maintaining the necklace’s clean lines. 
You can wire wrap on any number of different decorative elements.  You can even add a cascade of mutiple dangles and drops.  In the necklace shown at left, three dangles shimmy down from the center toggle.  Each dangle is composed of multiple elements from the main necklace, and they are individually wire wrapped together.  It’s an expensive, elegant look, but take note: it’s made up entirely of leftovers that the designer had on hand! 
Have fun with big toggles and don’t let them scare you.  Once you start experimenting, you’ll see how much fun they can be!  I can’t wait to see the gorgeous ideas y’all come up with!

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