PMC — What the Heck Is It?

As the first bead store in the Phoenix area to teach Precious Metal Clay classes, we hear a lot of questions about this remarkable material.  “How do you work with it?”  “What can you so with it?”  “What the heck is it?”  Precious Metal Clay (or PMC, as it is more commonly called) is a mixture of .999 silver ground up into a very fine dust, water and and organic binder. It has a texture similar to polymer clay and can be molded, shaped, rolled out, stamped and cut with cookie cutters. When fired in a kiln, all that’s left is the solid fused .999 silver.  What this means to a crafter is the ability to make custom silver charms, pendants, findings and more without having to learn silversmithing skills.  Many items that are time consuming and difficult to create using traditional methods are a snap with PMC.  It’s so fun designing unique silver elements that it becomes an addiction!

PMC comes in a variety of formulas. They vary in firing time, firing temperature, workability and finished strength. Choosing the right PMC formula for a given project is very important, so we strongly recommend taking a beginner’s class to help you get started.  If you live in the Valley of the Sun, I know some great bead shops that teach PMC classes!  Bead World markets PMC in several ways. Of course, we teach PMC classes and sell PMC products, tools and supplies. We rent kiln time and workshop time to clients who have not yet invested in their own full home studio. We also sell several beautiful books on PMC.  If you don’t live in the Phoenix area, PMC and PMC supplies are available through many bead stores throughout the country and in online stores.

If the idea of creating custom silver pieces is appealing to you, check out PMC and all you can create with it.  You’ll be so glad you did!

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