Overcoming my Beading Blocks

We all have beading blocks.  No matter how good we are in some areas, there are others that scare the pants right off of us.  For me it was seed beads.  I can wire wrap with the best of them.  PMC is easy for me.  Advanced chain maille patterns are within my grasp.  Tiny little seed beads, however, sent me screaming from the room.  All fears must be confronted eventually, though, or they begin to run your life.  So I began last fall to tip-toe into the seed bead arena.  Gasp!

Why, you may ask, am I throwing myself under the proverbial bus?  Firstly, to give you all permission to try classes and projects that are scary.  Few of us enjoy struggling, and no one wants to fail.  It’s understandable that we avoid projects that we are unsure about.  It’s the tough projects, though, that bring us deep satisfaction.  That sense of “A-HA!  I did it!” that is so valuable and meaningful.

And secondly, I bring up my conquered fear because it has led to a growing slate of seed bead classes at Bead World.  (After all, I develop the majority of the classes.  If I am less than comfortable in a bead genre, you can bet there will be fewer classes available.)  This month we are launching our first ever Peyote Stitch class!  A year ago, I would have laughed at the suggestion that I could develop and teach a class like this.  It just goes to show you what can be accomplished if you face your fears and try anyway.  See you in class!

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