Our Crystal Link Necklace Kit

One of the most fun things about working for a bead store is the opportunity to design beading kits.  After all, sometimes clients just want to grab a quick project that they know will turn out beautifully!  As professional beaders (what a thrilling thing to call ourselves!) we understand the desire for fresh, interesting designs — not to mention the ease of having all of the required elements pre-assembled.  Of course, as beading teachers, we try to make sure everyone has ample opportunity to practice their new beading skills! 

Sometimes, the perfect seasonal necklace is less about over-the-top design and more about assembling basic elements into a sleek, wearable pendant.  Our new Crystal Link Necklace (featuring stunning quartz crystal and hammered TierraCast links) is just such a piece.  Who knew two links and one bead could become such a lovely counterpoint to a fun summer dress?  In this case, simplicity reigns supreme.

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  2. Yea! OF COURSE we’d like to interview with you! Thanks, to whoever submitted us!

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