Nina Designs Interview our own Lezli Goodwin

I love those crazy gals over at Nina Designs.  (I might have covered my love of them before, in a few zillion of my posts.)  So I was extra stoked when they asked me to be their first featured “Designer Success Story”!  They sent me a list of questions, and let me choose five to answer.  It was really fun working my way through the questions.  The responses flowed easily, and I was surprised to find I had an immediate answer for ever question!  (Not so shocking to those who know me, I’m sure.  I have an opinion about everything!)

Here’s a taste of the article.  To read the whole thing, click on the link below:

“There are as many avenues into jewelry design as there are jewelry designers. Each story is unique and inspiring. In our first Customer Success Story we’d like you to meet Lezli Goodwin. Lezli is a well known jewelry designer, accomplished modern painter and creative director for Bead World Inc, an Arizona chain of boutique bead stores. Her modern beaded jewelry features metaphysically active gemstones, gorgeous sterling silver findings and exquisite handcrafted techniques.

What is one piece of trusted advice you would give to someone just starting their jewelry business?

“Be who you are and not who you’re not.” I think that’s Dr. Seuss. Make jewelry you love, and then find the market. Forget about trying to make pieces you think will sell — that’s a recipe for frustration and defeat. There is a market for everything, if it’s made with integrity and passion.”

To read the entire article, click here!

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