New Pretties!

New Pretties!

It’s that magical time again – twice a year the Bead World buying team does a big buying trip where we get to see all the prettiest things the jewelry world has to offer. The best part is that we get to bring these gorgeous goodies back to our stores and to you!!! Here are some of my favorite pieces that we brought back:



These stunning London blue topaz nuggets are to die for!!!! Pictures don’t even do them justice – you have to stop in to see these in person. Our staff has decided that these look amazing on every person, every skin tone, every hair color! It’s definitely worth coming to see these yourself!



I love these variegated carnelians! The multiple tones in them allow you to make a beautiful piece of jewelry without having to add in much else because there is already so much variation within the carnelian themselves.



Ametrine!!! This is the amazing combination of amethyst and citrine. We aren’t often able to find beautiful ametrine, but we scored big this time! These ametrine nuggets are so beautiful!! They’re definitely worth stopping in to see!



Newly expanded large hole pearl section – perfect for leather jewelry, stretchy bracelets…whatever you can think of!!



Super vibrant Mexican fire opal briolettes! They are so stunningly intense that we couldn’t pass these up.



Blue coral combines the beauty of the texture of coral with the tranquility of the beautiful dusty blue color. It’s so calming, beautiful, and makes me feel like I’m at the sea! Blue coral reminds me of my favorite vacations at the beach and instantly makes me feel peaceful and happy whenever I see it.



Another amazing find was all of these spiny oyster shell beads. Spiny oyster shell is so textured and funky that you can’t help but love it! We have some in the fiery orange tones and some that are more purple (my personal favorite!).



These strands of multi gems are so phenomenally cut and each strand is lined up perfectly so that the colors match on each side. You could easily string these as is for a necklace or bracelets or break them up and pair them off into earring pairs!






Last but certainly not least…a fully restocked section of turquoise covering the full range of turquoise colors. We have so many beautiful mines represented including Castle Dome, Kingman, Campitos, Nacozari, the highly sought after Sleeping Beauty turquoise, plus many more. The range of shapes are my favorite part about our current selection: rounds, nuggets, rondelles, coins, drops, eggs (with lapis lazuli), fancy arabesque, and TONS of heishi turquoise.


Hopefully you’re as excited to see these new beauties as we are! Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks to see more gorgeous treats that we brought back from our buying trip. There are just too many beautiful things in our stores right now to fit them all into one post!

Excited to see the rest of what we got?? Stop in to your local Bead World store to see them all in person while they last!!

Happy Beading!!

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