New Herringbone Bracelet Variations

New Herringbone Bracelet Variations

We’ve been on a bit of a Herringbone bender here at Bead World.  It all started with our brand new class, the Tapestry Herringbone Bracelet Class.  This intermediate level seed bead class launched at the beginning of the year, and our classes have been overflowing.  After all who can resist a gorgeous cuff bracelet like this:

2015-01-12 13.46.47

Of course, the call for a KIT came immediately (as it often does).  In January, we released the Green and Bronze Tapestry Herringbone Bracelet Kit.

tapestry herringbone green bronze small

As much as we adore our four amazing color combinations, there are lots of looks you can achieve with the herringbone stitch.  Here are a few:

Try a bracelet that’s all matte black, with a checkerboard gold metallic edge, like this:

herringbone black gold

If you like the checkerboard effect, why not go all the way?!  Alternate metallic gold and silver beads throughout the entire bracelet, like this:

herringbone gold silver checkerboard

If you prefer a slimmer bracelet, use just four beads per row with a half turn to finish each row.  The slanted edges create  a totally different look that’s sleek alone or perfect for stacking:

herringbone slim silver

Have fun trying new combinations in your herringbone projects!

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  1. Betty says:

    Love these bracelets ! What beads are used ?

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