New Chain Maille Book!

Bead World has a new book!  Advanced Chain Maille is the newest instructional book to be published by the team at Bead World.  Written by Brittany Egidi, our resident chain maille goddess, this is the third installment in our ongoing chain maille series.  (Brittany’s previous books include Beginning Chain Maille and Intermediate Chain Maille.)  In this new book, Brittany tackles challenging traditional patterns as well as chains with captured crystals and Czech glass cheerios.  (A helm bracelet, one of the included patterns, is shown above left.)  Advanced Chain Maille is perfect for the experienced chain maille artist who is looking for fun new ideas and wants to take their skills to the next level. 

Advanced Chain Maille includes:

  • Helm (Parallel) Chain
  • Japanese Diamond Earrings
  • Captive Inverted Round (with 4mm round beads)
  • Cheerio Byzantine Variation
  • Elfweave

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