New Beading Books

I have been unusually quiet online lately.  This is mostly due to the large amount of writing I’ve been doing in the real world.  In the last few months I’ve put the finishing touches on three beading books.  Teaming with our amazing Bead World staff, we’ve released a trio of fun instructional books.  These beauties have everything you’ve come to love in Bead World books — lots of helpful pictures, step by step instructions and great project ideas!

  • Seed Bead Basics: the Bead World Way!, by Lezli Goodwin with Mary Brown, Bailey DeGraff, Robynne Hughes, Nancy Katz and Kim Lucas, $12.99  This great seed bead primer has all the info you need to get started with simple seed bead projects.  Learn how to tie off threads, add new threads, connect various kinds of clasps and more!  Patterns include:
    • DNA Spiral Bracelet
    • Flower Garden (Fringe) Bracelet
    • Sidewinder Bracelet
    • Double Sidewinder Bracelet
    • Peyote Stitch Bracelet
    • Right Angle Weave Bracelet


    Pictured: Right Angle Weave Bracelet


  • Beyond Basics: All Tied Up! by Lezli Goodwin with Mary Brown, Breanne Determan, Robynne Hughes, Sara Martin, Kate Stanley and Karen Thompson, $12.99  Take your beading to the next level with fun twists on traditional textile techniques!  Utilize crochet, macrame and kumihimo to create hip, modern jewelry you’ll love!  Patterns include:
    • Beaded Hemp Bracelet
    • Macrame Bracelet with Slide Clasp
    • 3 Strand Wire Crochet Necklace
    • Twisted Crochet Necklace
    • Crocheted Cuff Bracelet
    • Kumihimo Necklace
    • Beaded Kumihimo
Pictured: Macrame Bracelet with Slide Clasp
  • Chain Maille for Beginners, by Lezli Goodwin with Mary Brown, Judy Corning, Robynne Hughes and Lisa Kearn, $12.99  Everything you need to know to get started with basic chain maille, including how to choose the right rings for the project, closing jump rings properly and some beautiful classic designs.  Patterns include:
    • Cha Cha Bracelet with Borosilicate Glass Beads
    • 2 in 2 Bracelet
    • 2 in 1 Earrings
    • Copper Flower Earrings
    • Fleurette Earrings
    • Spiral Bracelet

Pictured: Copper Flower Earrings, Fleurette Earrings and 2 in 1 Earrings

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