Messy Wire Wraps

Messy Wire Wraps

Messy Wire Wraps

messy wrap finished

Of all the questions I get asked in our stores, this is one of the most common: How do you make those arty, messy wire wraps?! You’d think people would be more afraid of making perfect basic wire wraps, But, no! It seems like people are afraid to waste a bunch of wire without a clear tutorial. So, here we go! I promise, it’s easy. You literally can’t mess it up!

You will need:

Top drilled teardrop bead (1)

24 gauge wire, half hard or dead soft (at least 18 inches, the longer the wire the messier the wrap)


Wire cutter

Round nose pliers

Needle nose pliers

If you are brand new to top drilled wire wrapping, start by reviewing the basics HERE.

messy wrap 1

String the bead onto the wire, stopping about 2 inches in.

mess wrap 2

Bend each side of the wire at the same angle as the top of the bead, forming a criss-cross directly above the point of the bead.

messy wrap 3

Using your needle nose pliers, bend the long wire straight up at the criss-cross. This forms the “stem” of the top-drilled wrap.  Use your pliers to support the “tent” just like you support your traditional wire wrapped loops, and use the other pair of pliers to wrap the short wire around the “stem.” This secures the top-drilled bead to the wire. Carefully trim off any excess wire. Be really careful to cut only the SHORT wire in this step.

messy wrap 5

Use your needle nose pliers to make a 90 degree angle directly above the wire wrap.

messy wrap 6

Use your round nose pliers to create a loop centered above the bead.

messy wrap 7

Support the loop with your needle nose pliers.

messy wrap 8

Wrap the wire neatly, passing over the first wire wrap and continuing over the pointed end of the teardrop bead.

messy wrap 9

Continue wrapping neatly until you’ve covered approximately 1/4 of the bead (or until you have covered as much of the bead as you prefer).  In this picture, I’m holding about 9 inches of wire behind the bead.

messy wrap 11

Take that extra wire and messily wrap it back up over the neat wrap, working your way back up toward the loop.

messy wrap 12

Anchor the end of the wire by wrapping it tightly two or three times just under the loop.

messy wrap 13

Carefully trim off any excess wire and tap the end down with needle nose pliers.

messy wrap finished

Your finished messy wire wrap will look like this. (I used 18 inches. If you’d like it messier, start with more wire.)

Have fun making gorgeous, messy wire wraps!!

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