Melody of My Heart Earrings

Melody of My Heart Earrings

Melody of My Heart Earrings

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Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or just love super feminine jewelry, our “Melody of My Heart” Earrings are perfect.  Featuring Swarovski crystals, gorgeous Czech glass and elegant TierraCast melody links, these earrings are classic and beautiful.

You will need:

10mm Czech hearts in crystal AB (2)

3mm Swarovski bicones in light rose (2)

6mm Swarovski bicones in rose (2)

Silver plated TierraCast melody links (2)

1.5 inch 24 gauge sterling silver head pins (4)

Sterling silver ear wires (2)

Round nose pliers

Needle nose pliers

Wire cutters


2015-01-26 11.28.42

String one Czech heart and one 3mm bicone crystal onto a headpin.

2015-01-26 11.29.03

Hold onto the head pin with your needle nose pliers, just above the bead.  Bend the wire to a 90 degree angle.

2015-01-26 11.29.51

Using your round nose pliers, form the wire into a loop.

2015-01-26 11.30.28

Pass the wire through the bottom swirl of the melody link, making sure the wire loop interlocks with the swirl and can swing freely.

2015-01-26 11.31.43

Carefully wrap the loop closed.  Carefully cut off any excess wire.

2015-01-26 11.35.52

String one 6mm bicone crystal onto a head pin.

2015-01-26 11.36.43

Using your wire wrapping skills (as described above), attach the head pin to the medium swirl of the melody link.

2015-01-26 11.45.00

Open the loop of the ear wire and string on the top loop of the melody link.

2015-01-26 11.46.02

Carefully close the loop.  Repeat all steps for the second earring, taking care that the 6mm crystals are positioned on the outside of both earrings.

Excellent work!!  Enjoy your new earrings!

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