Loving the Leaf Chains!

Fringy, swingy leaf chains have been all the rage lately, and I can’t get enough.  Sweet tiny leaf charms are incorporated right into the chain, giving an “I worked sooooo hard” look simply and easily.  Bead World currently offers this chain in both hot metals of the moment, brass and copper (copper shown above left, brass shown lower right).  With so much going on in this chain, it’s not inexpensive ($17.35 per foot at Bead World).  Luckily, we sell chain by the inch at Bead World, so you can buy just enough to make a super chic pair of earrings if you prefer!  When you consider how many tiny charms are loaded onto the chains as well as your time savings, it’s clear that leaf chains are an amazing bargain.

At right you can see the fun earrings I made with the brass leaf chain.  I’ve been working through an obsession with long linear dangles lately, as you can clearly see.  Each of these little swingers has two inches of chain plus an ear wire.  That’s about as easy as it gets, folks!  Plus, it looks amazingly high end.  And these cute little guys will only set you back around $8.50.  (Pricing is based on Bead World stores.)
There is plenty of space left in these links for a wire wrap, so the possibilities are truly endless.  You could add a gemstone drop at the bottom, add tiny Swarovski crystals throughout…  I look forward to seeing all the great ideas you guys come up with!

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