Lezli’s Birthday Necklace

Lezli’s Birthday Necklace

Lezli’s Birthday Necklace

This Friday marked my 40th birthday! (Whoo hoo) In the long established tradition of Bead World staff, the game ensued to create the most extreme, most insane gift ever conceived. As such, they presented me with this:


You will notice that it is a three strand necklace with a patriotic red, white and blue theme.  (My birthday is July 3rd, after all.) In addition, staff members contributed beads and beaded elements to make the necklace special.  Femo beads, zebra elements and even a few Murano glass beads were included.  Here are some detail images so you can truly appreciate the awesomeness of this necklace…


Jennifer embellished this beaded pony with a wonderful silver horn to create a unicorn! This magical creature sports a blue mane and seems to be wearing a red saddle or blanket.  My husband suggested that the unicorn was bleeding, but we’ve overruled him.

kitty balerina

Ballerina Kitty takes center stage on the longest strand of the necklace with her multi-color tutu and orange choker necklace.  We assume she’s happy, even though she doesn’t have a mouth with which to smile.


Our sea dragon seems to be made of pink coral tipped with gold.  He is wearing bright red lipstick on his puckered mouth.  Maybe he’s ready to give me a kiss?

yellow beaded bead

Bailey and I have an inside joke about my deep laziness and how it keeps me from making beaded beads.  She had to show me up big time with this daisy inspired gigantic (22mm) beaded bead.

small beaded bead

Tara had her own beaded bead contribution with this tiny, sweet bronze bead that features SuperDuo beads.

patriotic beaded bead

To pull it all together, we return to the patriotic theme with this pearl, Czech glass and seed bead beaded bead.  (How many times can you say “bead” in one sentence?!)

I’d love to see YOUR take on this crazy, over the top jumble necklace!

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2 comments on “Lezli’s Birthday Necklace
  1. Patty Gii says:

    Yay! How flippin fun and super cute is THAT?!?! Those charms are hysterical! 😀

    Such a great tradition. Keep it going!

  2. Lezli Goodwin says:

    The tradition of the wonderful-terrible Bead World gift will never die. Just wait until Robynne’s birthday…

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