Jewelry Trends, Part 2

Fall 2013/Winter 2014 Jewelry Trends
(Part 2 of 2)

Last week, we covered winter white, animal themed jewelry and the long awaited and highly celebrated return of chandelier earrings.  If you missed it and want to catch up,  click here.
Here is the other half of the story:

Mixed Metals
Kiss all the old rules goodbye!  Matching metals are so 20th century.  These days, it’s all about mixing it up.  Multiple metals make a piece feel a bit tough.  Mixed tones give elegant pieces a bit of edge. 

Layered Charms/Pendants
This necklace pairing from Etsy’s Jewelsalem is a great example of layered charms and pendants.  The only rule here seems to be paying attention to proportion.  Keep one layer up close to the neck, allow the longest layer to plunge, and fill in the middle with as many additional layers as you like.  Coordinate your metals and charms for a classic look, or mix it all up for a more Bohemian style.

Statement Necklace
This one just won’t go away — for now, at least, the statement necklace is here to stay.  Interestingly, the newest crop of statement necklaces aren’t really about exotic materials or extreme glamour.  Instead, it’s about the impact that comes from lots and lots of simple materials.  This great necklace from Favormaking is just mixed seed beads on black SoftFlex.  Like 50 strands of black SoftFlex. 

And this great necklace from YaY Jewelry is all Swarovski pearls — dozens of them, all in the same color.  It turns out that lots of anything looks great.  Just don’t skimp.  A few strands ends up looking anemic.  A statement necklace needs to be bold and over the top.


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