Jann’s Charming Charm Bracelet

Boy, do I have a treat to share with you guys for today’s blog entry!  Our lovely client, Jann Loerch, has been collecting sterling silver charms since she was a child.  She calls her amazing charm bracelet the story of her life.  She started collecting charms at the age of eight, when her parents bought her a charm on a trip to Estes Park, Colorado.  Since then, she’s collected charms for every trip she been on, every hobby and every love of her life.  The bracelet is just unbelievably full — so much so that she jokes she needs to wear her arm sling to held it up!  Jann has room for just six more charms, and then she says she’s going to consider it done.  It’s been a labor of love, and well worth it!

This picture gives you a sense of just how many charms (258!) are on Jann’s bracelet.  Some of her favorites are a Saint Bernard (she’s had them all her life), a piano (she’s a gifted pianist) and an artist’s pallet (she’s a painter).

This detail shows a roller skate, a camera, a cowboy hat and a football for her grandson.

Jann’s grandchildren call her Gigi.  We also see charms commemorating vacations and places Jann has lived — the Capitol Building, a beer stein from Germany, a Mexican figure and a saguaro from our home state of Arizona.
Jann loves to talk about her gorgeous bracelet and the long and full life that created it.  You can reach her at forgig3@gmail.com

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