Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington

Who better to celebrate Halloween with than the Pumpkin King himself?!  This fantastic wired figure stands about four inches tall, which makes him perfect for a pendant, broach or ornament.  Our Jack Skellington was designed by staff member Midori Isosaki.
You will need:
White size 11 Czech seed beads (18)
  Jet size 11 seed beads (10)
  Jet size 8 seed bead (1)
 White size 6 seed bead (1)
 ¼ inch white bugle beads (2)
 ¼ inch black bugle beads (2)
 ½ inch black bugle beads (4) 
  1 inch black bugle beads (4)
  Jack Skellington lampwork bead (1)
8mm round 21 gauge SS jump ring (1)
8mm round hyacinth Swarovski crystal
Kelly green S/L Size 6 seed bead (1)
 6x15mm black horn teardrop (1)
26 gauge silver plated wire (17 inches)
Round nose pliers
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
OR, you could buy the Jack Skellington Kit HERE.
Cut a 10 inch piece of 26 ga wire.  String 9 white size 11 seed beads into the 
center of the wire, passing through the jump ring.
 Pass both ends of the wire through the hole at the top of the Jack Skellington bead.   
Pull the wire tight so the beads are snug against the top of the head.
Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the 7 inch wire, making sure to pass through the jump ring.


String the size 6 white seed bead onto all four wires to form a neck.


Pull the two shorter pieces of wire to either side of the skeleton, so they are perpendicular 
to the longer (leg) pieces of wire.


 On one of the horizontal pieces, string a ½ inch black bugle, a black size 11 seed bead, a ½ inch
 black bugle, a black size 11 seed bead, a ¼ inch white bugle, orange crystal and 
Kelly green size 6 seed bead.


 Make a simple loop with your round nose pliers.


Trim your wire and tuck the wire end in the final bead.


 Repeat steps 6-8 (minus the pumpkin) with the opposite side.


String a size 8 black seed bead on both of the legs.  This bead should cover any wire between the arms.  
 Then string the black horn tear drop skinny side down to form the body.  
 Separate the longer wires to form legs.


 On one of the legs string a black size 11 seed bead, a 1 inch black bugle, a black size 11 seed bead, 
a 1 inch black bugle, a black size 11 seed bead, a ¼ inch black bugle.


Take your round nose pliers and make the same simple loop made for the arms.


Repeat steps the final two steps on the remaining leg.  Shape Jack Skellington as desired.  Happy Halloween!

You can order your Jack Skellington Kit HERE!


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