How to Set a Two Part Rivet in Leather

How to Set a Two Part Rivet in Leather

How to Set a Two Part Rivet in Leather

The leather jewelry trend just keeps getting more and more popular, evolving and expanding all the time.  I get asked nearly every day how to attach a metal piece to a leather strap with rivets.  It’s really easy (as you are about to see) and very fun!
First, you must punch a hole in your leather for each rivet.  The piece we’re attaching in these instructions has two holes, so we’re going to punch two holes.  Line your metal piece up with your leather and use an ink pen to mark your hole locations.  Then, using the smallest cutter on your leather punch, punch out your holes.  You’ll have to squeeze very firmly!
Locate the bottom halves of your two part rivets.  They look kind of like a witch’s hat, with a long center stem.
Place both of your rivet bottoms on a steel bench block.  Then lay your leather (pretty side up) over the rivets, so the stems stick out through the holes you’ve punched.
Lay your metal piece over your leather (pretty side up).  The stems should now also stick through the holes in the metal.
Find the tops of your two part rivets.  They look like little mushroom caps.  Place one top over one of the stems.
Locate your rivet setter.  It is made of steel and has a concave end to protect the rounded top of the rivet.
Place the rivet setter over the rivet and tap firmly several times with a hammer.  You will know it’s set when the rivet does not wiggle.  Repeat all steps on the other rivet.
This is what the underside of your leather will look like.  It’s smooth and comfortable to wear — very professional!
Here is an example of a bracelet made using this type of metal tag riveted to leather.  It looks great!  And it can’t be any easier!  Have fun practicing your riveting skills!
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  1. Kevin says:

    i would like to purchase some of the rivets and plate on this page. I am making a few things for family and these would look great. I dont need the whole kit just the metal pieces. Isthis doable?

    • Lezli Goodwin says:

      Kevin, yes, this is doable. Contact me at with the exact items you would like, and I’ll let you know availability and pricing. Alternately, you can call our store at 480-948-2323 and anyone can help you.
      Have a great day!

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