How to Make a Pendulum

How to Make a Pendulum
You see them all the time in cute little tourist boutiques and crystal shops, but the astronomical prices (up to $50 each and more!) may have kept you from actually buying your own pendulum.  Whether you consider your pendulum as a necessary tool or a fun toy, you CAN make your very own quickly and easily.  With a few inches of chain, a couple of beads and some basic wire wrapping skills, you’re in business!
You will need:
A “crystal” of some type (ours is cut leaded glass)
Some accent beads (ours are 6mm moonstone rondelles)
A holder bead (ours is a 16mm amethyst)
9 inches of chain (ours is silver plated rollo chain)
5 inches of 24 gauge craft wire
One 2 inch 24 ga headpin
Round nose pliers
Needle nose pliers
Wire cutters
Thread your crystal onto the 5 inch piece of craft wire, about 1/3 of the way from one end. (We’re using the word “crystal” loosely here.  It doesn’t have to be a real crystal.  Ours is cut glass.)
Cross your wires over the top of the crystal.
With your needle nose pliers, bend the longer wire right at the point where the wires cross.  The long wire should now point straight up from the top of the crystal.
Wrap the short wire around the long wire several times.  Cur off any excess wire.
Thread your accent beads (ours are moonstone) onto the long wire.  Hold the wire just above the beads with your needle nose pliers and create a 90 degree bend.
With your round nose pliers, form an open loop in the wire.
Pass the wire of the open loop through the last link of the chain.
Wrap the loop closed and carefully cut off any excess wire.
String your holder bead onto the headpin.  (Our holder bead is a large amethyst round.  Choose anything you like, but it should be easy to hold onto and comfortable in your hand.) Form an open wire loop.
Pass the wire of the open loop through the last link on the other side of the chain.  Wrap the loop closed and carefully cut off any excess wire.
How to use your new pendulum:
How does it work?
Most people think pendulums work by accessing your unconscious knowledge.  Much like in muscles testing, the pendulum gives your unconscious self a way of communicating with you.  Through tiny imperceptible muscle movements, your pendulum will tell you what you already know deep down.
How should I hold my pendulum?
Hold your pendulum loosely in your dominant hand.  Make sure your body is totally relaxed.  Bend your arm at the waist, holding your pendulum away from your body.
How do I begin?
Let’s start by establishing “Yes” and “No” with your pendulum.  Just like every person is different, every pendulum user is a little bit different.  Begin by asking a question that you know is answered with “Yes”.  “Is my name ________?” is a good question to establish a “Yes”.  Close your eyes and ask several times, while holding the pendulum in position.  After awhile, the pendulum will begin to move.  This pattern will be your “Yes” answer pattern.  (My “Yes” is a forward and backward swing.  Yours might be different.)
Now, let’s establish “No”.  Ask a question several times that you know is a “No” answer.  Again, the pendulum will begin to move.  This pattern will be your “No” pattern.  (My “No” is a side to side swing.  Yours might be different.)
It might take a few tried to firmly establish a “Yes” and a “No” pattern.  Once you do, though, you can ask anything!  I’ve known people who use their pendulum to inform their decision making, to choose Christmas gifts, and even to decide which food will best serve their bodies that day.  Have fun with your new pendulum!
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    • Lezli Goodwin says:

      What a great article! I love many ways there are to customize something as simple and wonderful as a pendulum. Great work!

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