Heart Rosary Bracelet: Easy Tutorial

Heart Rosary Bracelet

Required Supplies

  • 10mm Czech glass heart beads (10)
  • 12mm Czech glass heart bead (1)                 
  •  Size 8 seed beads (approx 50)
  • Silver plated toggle clasp                  
  • SoftFlex beading wire in Medium
  • Sterling silver 2mmx2mm crimps (2)            
  • 19 gauge jump rings (2), crucifix and Mary medallion
  • Crimping tool, chain nose pliers and wire cutters

Required Skills                                          


If you haven’t learned crimping, we teach this skill in our class Introduction to Bead Stringing.  You can also find instructions in our book, Basic Beading the Bead World Way, or in the Downloadable Projects section of our website www.beadworldinc.com

String on two size 8 seed beads and one 10mm heart.

Continue the pattern of two seed beads and one heart bead until you have strung on all ten 10mm Czech glass hearts.
String on 12 seed beads, one 12mm heart bead and another 12 seed beads.

String on one crimp and the loop of the toggle bar.  Pass the wire back through the crimp.  Using your crimping skills, close the crimp.

Put a thick jump ring (19 gauge or thicker) on the crucifix and Mary medallion and close them carefully.  If you can’t find a traditional Mary medallion, cut two of the three loops off of a rosary center.

At the other end of the bracelet, string on one crimp.  Pass through the jump rings of both charms and the loop of the toggle ring.  Pass the wire back through the crimp.  Using your crimping skills, close the crimp. 

The completed bracelet is 8 inches.  For a 7 inch bracelet, only string one seed bead between each of the 10mm Czech glass hearts.

4 comments on “Heart Rosary Bracelet: Easy Tutorial
  1. Bald win says:

    I like this rosary bracelet and i want to buy this. So i need the location where i find this.Thanks.

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  2. I hadn’t heard a lot about rosary bracelets before! I’ve looked up a few sites on how to make my own bracelet, even though I’m not really proficient at making jewelry. I love seeing all the different beads being used! Since there are so many tutorials, all I would have to do now is find someplace that sells the wire, beading, and medals. http://www.fullofgracegiftshop.com/servlet/StoreFront

  3. bridie says:

    Hi love your bracelet especially the red heart beads. do you know where I could buy some red glass 10mm heart beads? I cant find them anywhere in the UK. Thanks Bridie

    • Bailey Ienuso says:

      So glad you enjoyed it!! We actually have some of the 10mm red heart beads for sale if you would like to call our store to order them!

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