Gemstones for Pregnancy & Childbirth
photo credit: Micha Fleuren, Dreamstime Photos

Gemstones for Pregnancy & Childbirth

Gemstones for Pregnancy & Childbirth

photo credit: Micha Fleuren, Dreamstime Photos

photo credit: Micha Fleuren, Dreamstime Photos

The loveliest trend is afoot. Nearly every day, someone comes in to one of our stores shopping for a bead to contribute to a birthing necklace or bracelet. The friends and family members of an expectant mother each add a bead that represents something meaningful, showing their support through the pregnancy, birthing and postpartum periods. It’s sweet, but it can also be overwhelming. How do you choose just one bead? Our suggestion is to select a gemstone known to offer protective or healing qualities for mothers and babies. Here are a few of our favorite choices:

moonstone drops


Representing the Divine Feminine, moonstone supports and protects women from fertility through pregnancy and into motherhood. A natural hormone regulator, moonstone can help with morning sickness and fatigue during pregnancy. In addition, it helps with the return to balance post-pregnancy.  Moonstone eases fear, tension and stress, making it perfect for impending mothers. After birth, it stimulates lactation.

rose quartz

Rose Quartz

The sweet pale pink color of rose quartz harkens to the delicate love of a mother for her baby. Indeed, rose quartz enhances that mother/baby bond, both during pregnancy and after the birth. A naturally protective stone, it helps keep mother and baby safe from conception through infancy.  Additionally, rose quartz supports healing after labor and birth.

malachite beads


Known as the “Midwives’ Stone”, malachite is said to facilitate a safe birth. Stimulating contractions, easing labor pain and protecting both other and baby, malachite is considered essential to many mothers.  The rich beauty of malachite is an added bonus.



A wonderful stone for the birthing process, peridot stimulates contractions naturally while easing the opening of the birth canal.  A gentle energizer, it assists with fatigue in labor and after.  Once baby arrives, peridot can ease postpartum depression.



A beautiful stone to support mama after the baby comes, larimar promotes relaxation and calms nerves. Both baby and mother are happier and healthier when relaxed and at ease. An added benefit of larimar is its ability to help relieve postpartum depression.

Naturally, these are only a few of our favorites. You can also check out unakite, bloodstone, black onyx, amber and so many more. The most important thing is that your choice have meaning to you and to the lucky mother. Love is the best gift of all.

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