Gemstone of the Month: Shattuckite

Gemstone of the Month: Shattuckite

Next up on our journey of noteworthy gemstones is Shattuckite.  I especially love this stone because it’s an Arizona specialty.  It was discovered just a few hours south of our stores at the Shattuck mine in Bisbee, Arizona.  Shattuckite is a copper silicate hydroxide mineral and is found in copper mines, often in combination with Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Malachite, and other copper silicates.  This is why Shattuckite varies in color from blues, to teal/turquoise, to green.  In addition to Bisbee, it has been found across the Southwestern U.S., as well as in Argentina, Austria, the Congo, England, Germany, Greece, Namibia, Norway, and South Africa.


Shattuckite combines communication with intuition, heightening spiritual communication and understanding.  It is ideal for anyone wanting to enhance their intuitive abilities or to work as a medium.  It is also a truth-teller and helps you to be accurate in how you are interpreting spiritual messages.


In addition to the psychic realm, Shattuckite’s penchant for aiding communication and increasing truth works in the human realm too.  It encourages you to be more truthful and accurate in your communication.  It can show you where you may be out of integrity or where you might have judgments.  Typically judgments stem from ego and cloud our spiritual connection.  Shattuckite helps you to reprogram ego-based thoughts, words, and actions to reflect the deeper wisdom of spirit, teaching that self-responsibility is the path to spiritual awareness.  This helps you to communicate from a place of truth & integrity (driven by spirit) rather than from a place of judgment and ego-driven beliefs.


If you’re looking to improve your communication through loving, spirit-driven truths, stop by Bead World to pick up some Shattuckite!

Happy Beading!!

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