Gemstone of the Month: Selenite

Gemstone of the Month: Selenite

Another unique gemstone at Bead World is Selenite. Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, selenite is transparent, glassy, and colorless with a chatoyant luster that gives it a moon-like appearance. It is a hydrous calcium sulfate in the gypsum family. Selenite has been found all over the world, including Australia, Greece, Mexico, the U.S., Poland, Russia, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Morocco, Germany, France, and England, typically forming in clay beds or near hot springs. It grows in long columns and has fibrous striations down the length of the stone.


The important thing to note about Selenite is that it is a rather delicate gemstone. It only is a 2 on the mohs hardness scale and is water soluble. You will want to take caution and be gentle with your selenite to keep it looking beautiful. Since most other gemstones are harder than selenite, store your selenite carefully so that the other gemstones can’t scratch it. Also, being water soluble means that it can dissolve in water, so it’s important to not rinse it or immerse it in water. We suggest removing your selenite jewelry when swimming and showering to preserve it. If you need to clean your selenite, simply dust it with a gentle cloth.


The main metaphysical perks of selenite are its cleansing, protective, and recharging abilities. It can be used to cleanse/protect/recharge yourself, your home or any physical spaces, other gemstones, and even itself. Selenite clears & unblocks stagnant, negative energy and allows positive energy to flow through. It invites peace & serenity into the space and the lives of the people in it, and then protects the space or the people from future negative energies. Wearing selenite jewelry can keep your energy cleansed & recharged, while protecting you from toxic energy.


These cleansing benefits of selenite can create a ripple effect for you personally. By removing blockages in your energy field, it can potentially improve other aspects of your life also such as boosting energy, reducing insomnia, improving health, balancing chakras, quieting & clarifying the mind, developing sense of self, giving feelings of peace & calm, and increasing positivity.


Selenite also works with providing spiritual enlightenment. It raises awareness & consciousness and awakens or strengthens telepathy, opening you to accepting messages from spirit guides/guardian angels. The striations on selenite are even believed to be a pathway to spiritual connection.


Whether you are looking for the perfect cleansing stone, wanting to heighten your spirituality, or just love it’s moon-like resemblance, selenite is a great addition to your gemstone collection! Check it out on your next trip to Bead World.

Happy Beading!!

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