Gemstone of the Month: Pietersite

Gemstone of the Month: Pietersite

Gemstone of the Month: Pietersite

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I don’t know why, but I have always been inexplicably drawn to Pietersite.  For a long time, I couldn’t even tell you anything about Pietersite, other than that anytime I saw it I felt like I had to have it.  My soul was just drawn to it.  Unfortunately it is one of those gemstones that you rarely see in bead form…until now!!!  On our most recent buying trip we found quite a few strands of Pietersite and I was in bead heaven!  In my opinion, it was one of our best finds of the show (stay tuned for our Tucson Treats, Part 2 blog post for my other buying trip favorites).  Not only did I insist that we #BuyAllThePietersite, but this also gave me the perfect excuse to learn everything I needed to know about one of my favorite gemstones.


Pietersite is actually a breccia aggregate made up of fragments of other minerals embedded in a matrix.  It most commonly consists of Tiger’s Eye and Hawk’s Eye, giving Pietersite both chatoyancy and it’s signature combination of blues, browns, reds, and greys.  It is a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.  Pietersite was discovered in Namibia, Africa in 1962 by Sid Pieters, who named the gemstone after his father.  It has also been found in the Henan Province of China, but this mine is believed to be closed which leaves Namibia, Africa as the only remaining location to find Pietersite.  This has led to Pietersite being rather difficult to obtain, making the strands and pendants we recently found that much more of a treat.

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Also known as the Tempest Stone, Pietersite resembles a storm both physically and energetically.  It stirs up the current reality of your life, shows beliefs that have been hidden below the surface, and washes away what you don’t need.  This clears stagnant energies, habits, & patterns and leaves you with intense clarity & heightened awareness of your new path, similar to a thunderstorm.  It links your physical self to the spiritual realm, uniting physical & spiritual consciousness and reminding you that you are a spiritual being on a human journey.  This makes Pietersite a grounding stone, but in an ethereal way rather than a physical manner.  Pietersite also stimulates psychic vision & inner sight, supports meditation, and increases intuition.

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Pietersite helps us to acknowledge limiting beliefs we hold that have been taught to us by others, especially those related to separation and seclusion.  Once we acknowledge these beliefs we can use our inner guidance to determine which are true or false for ourselves and release those falsehoods.  Pietersite can be used to clear blockages in releasing beliefs, including those that are long-standing imposed on us from parents and other important figures in our lives or beliefs that have been carried over from past lives.  It also helps to heal any issues caused by not following our own truth, encourages speaking/living your truth, and allows you to feel well and at ease in your new set of beliefs.


The energy of Pietersite can vary with the piece given the various coloring that occurs in it.  Blue Pietersite are more calming, soothing, and soft.  Brown/gold Pietersite are more grounding & stabilizing feeling.  Red/rusty Pietersite are more intensely charged and can make you feel like a metaphorical fire has been lit inside of you.

Come into Bead World to see what Pietersite can stir up for you! 

Happy Beading!!

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