Gemstone of the Month: Larvikite

Gemstone of the Month: Larvikite

One of the gemstones we have been asked about most recently is the stunning Larvikite. Everyone wants to know what this mysterious, beautiful gemstone is about. Larvikite is a monzonitic feldspar from the feldspar family. The Larvakite we carry is a dark grey with black inclusions, but it can also be dark blue. It is often confused with Labradorite or called Black Moonstone, although it is neither. It is commonly confused with other stones because it contains the labradorescence/Schiller effect that Labradorite and Moonstone are known for.


Larvikite was originally found in the Larvik Region of Norway, hence the name. It has also been rumored to be found in the UK & Canada, but there is a debate on whether it naturally occurred there or if it was transplanted there by people. It has a Moh’s hardness of 6-6.5 and has mostly been used in the construction industry. Luckily, we now have this beautiful gemstone available to us in the jewelry industry too.


Energetic Benefits:

The main metaphysical function of Larvikite is that it grounds and stabilizes you, which allows you to expand your mind. It calms/stabilizes your emotions, cleanses negative energies, protects from harm, and balances your spiritual connection.


These Larvikite benefits seem simple, however, they create a huge ripple affect on other aspects of your life. For instance, by becoming more aware of negative energy, you consciously decide to emit positive energy and release anything/anyone harmful to your highest good. You are able to see your genuine self more clearly. Spiritually, it opens your subconscious, stimulates inner visions, boosts psychic ability, and helps you to understand your past. Larvakite also increases patience in your relationships. It assists in finding the healthy balance between not overreacting, but still not being passive. Furthermore, feeling confident and stable provides a greater desire to explore new ideas, projects, and adventures. 


One of my favorite perks of Larvakite’s energy is the affect is has on success. Clearing out the mental and emotional clutter increases focus, concentration, intellect, creativity, clarity of thought, and memory.  Mental clarity allows you to notice opportunities, weigh pros & cons, make wise/rational decisions, understand complex & complicated problems, and determine the best/most profitable solution. Larvikite gives you the strength and wisdom to turn your plans & dreams into reality. All of these amazing benefits team up to make you more likely to achieve goals and complete projects with the use of Larvikite, which can lead to better financial success. 


Essentially, Larvakite helps you feel calm, stable, and grounded so you can take on the world! Stop into Bead World to pick up this beauty for yourself.

Happy Beading!!

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