Gemstone of the Month: Larimar

Gemstone of the Month: Larimar

Gemstone of the Month: Larimar


Found in just one square kilometer of the Dominican Republic, larimar is known as the stone of the sea.  In fact, it’s name comes from the Spanish word “mar”, or sea.  Locally, larimar has been known for centuries.  Island legends speak of a beautiful blue stone, made by the sea and distributed liberally along its beaches.  Larimar was only discovered by the western world in 1974.  This makes it one of the world’s most newly discovered gemstones.


Larimar is considered a very metaphysically active stone and is highly prized by healers and spiritual practitioners.  Associated with the throat chakra, larimar is used to aid communication and self-expression.  It’s highly tuned to the human body and enhances the natural healing process.  Some people call larimar the Atlantis Stone, citing a guru from Trinidad & Tobago who claimed that some Caribbean islands come from the continent that was once Atlantis.


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Happy Beading!!

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