Gemstone of the Month: K2

Gemstone of the Month: K2


K2 is a rather new gemstone, not only to us here at Bead World, but to the gemstone industry in general.  It is a rare gemstone and is so unique that people often question its authenticity.  As far as we can tell though, it is a naturally occurring gemstone.  K2 is found at the base of the K2 mountain in Pakistan, the world’s second largest mountain.  Often called “K2 Jasper” it is not a jasper at all.  It is actually a combination of granite, azurite, and occasionally malachite.  The white/black/gray base of the stone is granite and the blue orbs are azurite.  Sometimes you’ll also see little flecks of green malachite in K2.


It is important to note that the K2 we carry at Bead World is untreated.  Just like an untreated granite counter top, untreated granite beads can absorb trace amounts of oils, chemicals, dyes, etc.  This can cause the beads to discolor.  The rate of discoloration and what the discoloration looks like can vary depending on the wearer.  Some people enjoy this natural transformation.  If you do not want your K2 beads to discolor, you can try to seal your K2 with a granite sealant from a home improvement store.


Energetically, K2 combines properties both from its location and from the stones that make up its beautiful structure.   K2 represents overcoming obstacles, achieving greatness, and reaching “peaks” of greatness, fitting for a gemstone that is found at one of the world’s tallest mountains.  It unites the grounding, stable energy of granite with the high vibrations of azurite.


Stop into Bead World to check out the uniqueness of K2 in person. 

Happy Beading!!

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