Gemstone of the Month: Garnet

Gemstone of the Month: Garnet


The beautiful dark red of garnet is so beloved and well known, designers have named products after it.  We’ve probably all owned a garnet sweater or garnet towels at some point, and we can picture clearly the deep red color “garnet” describes.  This is all the more amazing because garnet actually comes in a wide range of colors, from brilliant yellow, through brown, green and, yes, red.  Only blue is missing from the garnet spectrum.


In Latin, it’s called granum, a likely reference to Pinica granatum, and the deep red color of ripe pomegranate seeds.  Garnet’s popularity reaches as far back as 3000 BCE when it was used for adornment and left at grave sites.  The reddest stones were associated with blood and were ascribed healing powers over blood disorders and illnesses. They were said to staunch bleeding.  The deep red garnets that we’re all so familiar with are believed to increase passion & love.  Green garnets, like the very rare and prized tsavorite, have been said to strengthen the immune system and open the heart chakra.  Warm brown hessonite garnets are used to help curb obsessive and hedonistic behaviors, like overeating and compulsive shopping.  Rhodolite garnets, characterized by shades of pink through reddish lavender, is said to be particularly helpful with reducing the painful symptoms of arthritis.  All garnets share healing qualities and help the wearer find a calming, peaceful frame of mind. The birthstone for January, garnet is perfect for all kinds of people.

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