Gemstone of the Month: Dragon’s Blood Jasper

Gemstone of the Month: Dragon’s Blood Jasper

Gemstone of the Month: Dragon’s Blood Jasper

Last month I featured one of my favorite immunity-boosting gemstones, Bloodstone, and this month I want to introduce you all to my other favorite gemstone for boosting your immune system and keeping you well…Dragon’s Blood Jasper!


Similar to Bloodstone, Dragon’s Blood Jasper is a green gemstone mottled with dark red patches.  You can tell the two gemstones apart because Bloodstone is a darker, deeper green whereas Dragon’s Blood Jasper is a lighter, more olive green.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper also typically has larger patches of red compared to the red flecks in Bloodstone.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper is mined in South Africa and Australia and it is a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.  Folklore said that Dragon’s Blood Jasper was actually the remains of ancient dragons, with the green being the dragon’s skin and the red being the dragon’s blood.


As I mentioned in the blog post about Bloodstone, I love Bloodstone for immunity boosting, but for some people it can be too dense or intense to use all the time.  I happen to be one of those people.  Thankfully Dragon’s Blood Jasper has similar immune-boosting properties, but with a lighter, less dense energy.  This makes Dragon’s Blood Jasper the perfect gemstone to swap in for a lighter all-the-time immunity boosting option.  Dragon’s Blood Jasper can help keep you well, fight off infections, and increase vitality.  Keep in mind that energetic and metaphysical properties are very personal since it depends on the wearer.  If Bloodstone does not feel too intense for you, you can absolutely wear it for all-the-time immunity boosting usage.  For some of you Bloodstone may even be too intense for acute situations and you might stick with Dragon’s Blood Jasper for all of your wellness needs.  Personally, I use Dragon’s Blood Jasper for my all-the-time wear to help keep me well, and then I use Bloodstone for acute situations when I start to feel sick until I feel well again.  Just trust your intuition and use what feels right to you!


In addition to its immunity boosting super powers, Dragon’s Blood Jasper is also known as a stone of courage.  It has a grounding, stabilizing energy that can calm you and make you feel centered, helping to tame the “inner dragon”.  Along with other green gemstones, Dragon’s Blood Jasper can attract wealth and heal the heart.  It boosts confidence and allows you to feel stable and secure in your being.

Dragon's Blood Jasper 2

Head into your nearest Bead World to feel the soft, stabilizing energy of Dragon’s Blood Jasper for yourself! 

Happy Beading!!

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