Gemstone of the Month: Cavansite

Gemstone of the Month: Cavansite

Last up in our most recent series of noteworthy gemstones at Bead World is Cavansite. Cavansite is an uncommon, small gemstone. It is often found in a matrix with other gemstones, typically white stilbite. Between its size, rarity, and a Mohs hardness of 3-4, cavansite is almost impossible to cut into gemstones on its own. At Bead World, we have a few stunning pendants that feature cavansite though (like the ones shown above). Cavansite is a beautiful blue to greenish-blue. Originally found in Oregon in 1967, it has also been found in India, New Zealand, and Brazil. It is named for its chemical make up as a calcium vanadium silicate.


Cavansite is beneficial for those experiencing life changes. It releases previous trauma, removes old believe systems, and helps you to look at the past in a more positive light. By encouraging you to let go of things that cause tension, it relieves stress and anxiety. Cavansite heightens courage and the confidence to move forward with the future. It also increases self-acceptance & acceptance of others.


A stone of inner truth – cavansite unites the throat chakra with the third eye chakra. It provides insight into yourself and allows you to articulate that insight. There is also a focus on increasing spiritual connection & communication. It has a comforting & calming heart-felt energy. Cavansite aids in developing intuition and strengthens your meditation practice.


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Happy Beading!!

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