Gemstone of the Month: Carnelian

Gemstone of the Month: Carnelian

Gemstone of the Month: Carnelian


The beautiful colors of carnelian have been entrancing the eye since the Roman era, when beautiful and intricate carvings were created out of the stone. They made the perfect wax seal, because hot wax won’t stick to carnelian. Since that time, carnelian has continued to be used in jewelry, in gorgeous carved cameos, set in silver and in traditional bead form, to decorate the people of the modern world. Carnelian is the reddish shade of chalcedony, which is a semi-translucent form of quartz. The color can range from a pale yellow to a deep brownish-red. Like all quartz, carnelian has a Moh’s hardness of 7 and is composed of silicon dioxide. The finest specimens are found in Brazil, India and Arabia.


Carnelian is valued for its healing properties, and is associated with the navel chakra. The stone has been thought, at various times and in different cultures, to purify the blood, relieve menstrual cramps, soothe back pain, enhance passion, cure infertility, increase energy and boost vitality. Carnelian has also been relied upon to protect the wearer from evil. This even extended to protection after death, as one traveled into the afterlife.


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