Gem of the Month: Ruby

Gem of the Month: Ruby


To the ancients, ruby was known as the “king of gems”.  It was associated with the sun, and therefore with power, strength and vitality.  In England, rubies were used for coronation rings. During the middle ages, talismans carved of ruby were believed to protect the wearer from plague.  In the Victorian era, rubies were popular as tokens of love.

Today, rubies are the rarest and most expensive of the four “precious” stones (ruby, emerald, sapphire and diamond).  Ruby is the red form of corundum (aluminum oxide); all other colors are considered sapphires.  When determining the value of a ruby, highly saturated color is considered the most important factor.  Clarity is a secondary factor, considered to be much less important.  All natural rubies have “silk”, or interior rutile needles.  When arranged in three or six point patterns, this silk can create astrism — what we call beautiful “star rubies”.
Ruby has been used by healers in a variety of ways throughout the years.  It has long been considered the most metaphysically powerful gemstone in the Universe.  It’s believed to enhance physical vitality and energy, making it perfect for those who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.  As the stone of passion, it is perfect for those who seek to find or affirm love.  It is also good for anyone who suffers from fertility problems or gynecological or sexual dysfunction.  Ruby is said to bring about contentment, peace and self-love in the wearer.  It wards off bad dreams and drives away  sadness and gloom.
Rubies are not commonly found in bead form, but Bead World generally keeps strands of various ruby beads in our fine gem cases. Take a look and see what people have seen through the ages when they admired the intense beauty of the ruby.
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