Fire is Fun!

This weekend, we had a “Train the Trainer” class at Bead World.  What was I thinking, giving a group of crazy jewelry instructors torches and letting them loose in my store?!  Remarkably, though there was much teasing and trash talk, no one was burned.  We learned important things like 1) Don’t touch hot stuff!  and 2) Things stay hot longer than you think!  Really, though, all of the staffers did amazingly well.  They qualified to teach three classes each, significantly raising the number of torch classes we can offer.  I’m so excited!

“Introduction to the Torch” is our basic, beginner torch safety class.  It could really be called “Turn the torch on.  Turn the torch off.  Don’t set yourself on fire.”  This is the class that lets you experiment a bit with the feel of a torch in your hand, and helps you gain confidence.  We ball wire, which is how you make headpins.  We make a groovy wire wrapped interchangeable bail, too.  If you think you might like playing with fire, this is the first step to doing it safely.

“Fusing Fine Silver” is our first fusing class.  (You must have taken our “Intro to the Torch” or a similar course to take this class.)  We use the torch to close fine silver jump rings and build a stylish chain bracelet.  Then, we texture and work harden the chain using a hammer and steel bench block.  Gorgeous!

“Advanced Fusing Fine Silver” takes fused chain building to another level with the introduction of shaped links.  (Pre-requisite: “Fusing Fine Silver”)  Learn the basics of chain customization, try several traditional link shapes and open your mind to a whole new world of posibilities.

Come try a class and see how fun fire can be!

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