Tucson Trends: Fancy Gemstone Shapes

Tucson Trends: Fancy Gemstone Shapes

Tucson Trends: Fancy Gemstone Shapes!!

On our bi-annual shopping trip, we’re always looking for new amazing & trendy pieces to bring back to our stores. The hottest trend that we saw this year was fun, fancy, & funky shapes!! These shapes were in all sorts of gemstones and they are so beautiful! They are sure to add a new uniqueness to your next jewelry project. All of our staff are ooh-ing and ahh-ing over these new cuts! Check out some of my favorites:


Fancy Shapes in Turquoise and a Smoky Quartz/Crystal Quartz Combination



Slices in Afghani Tourmaline, Tourmaline, Multi Gems, Turquoise, and Pink Jade



Fancy Trillion in Citrine



German Cut in a Smoky Quartz/Crystal Quartz Combination, Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, & Moonstone



Designer Discs in Chocolate Moonstone & Strawberry Quartz



Faceted Nuggets in Citrine, Ametrine, & Moss Aquamarine



Turquoise Drops



Fancy Cut Chocolate Moonstone


Aren’t these so cool & funky? I just love them!! My brain is swirling with ideas for how to¬†incorporate them into new jewelry designs. Hopefully these inspire you to try some new shapes in your jewelry this fall also!

Happy Beading!!

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