Emerald Leather Wrap Bracelet Tutorial DIY

Emerald Leather Wrap:
It’s the single most popular bracelet design in recent memory.  Buying the designer version can set you back hundreds of dollars.  But never fear — Bead World is giving you the ultimate tutorial (in this year’s hottest color) for FREE!  

Required Materials:

·         1.5mm leather (4 feet)                      

·         6mm Czech glass (60 beads)

·         TierraCast button (1)          

·         Silamide (1 package)

·         Size 10 needle

·         Fabric glue

·         Awl
·         Gather all of your materials on a roll-proof work surface.  You may need to stretch the shank of your button so the leather can fit through easily.  Gently open up the shank using a pearl knotting awl.    Pass the leather through the shank.  Slide the button to the middle of the leather and match up the two ends.  Arrange the button in the exact center of the leather.  Tie and overhand knot below the button and pull the knot tight.  Make sure you leave about a ½ inch space between the button and the knot, as it will be necessary for proper fit.   

·         Thread your Silamide into the needle and slide the needle to the center of the thread.  Match up the two ends of the Silamide and tie a knot.  Trim off any excess Silamide just below the knot. Pass the needle between the leather straps.

·         Leave the end loop dangling between the leather straps.  Pass the needle through the thread loop. 

·         Pull the thread tight, forming a lark’s head knot.  Leave about a ¼ inch space (the size of one bead) between the leather knot and the thread knot.  String on bead onto the needle.  Pass the needle behind the leather, with the bead between the leather straps.

·         Pass the needle in front of the leather straps, passing through the bead.  Pull the thread tight.

·         Once again, pass the needle behind the leather, passing through the same bead. Pull the thread tight.

·         Finally, pass the needle in front of the leather and through the bead.  Pull the thread tight.  Your first bead is now anchored in place. 

·         Pick up a new bead on your needle.

·         Pass the needle behind the leather, with the bead between the leather straps.

·         Pass the needle in front of the leather straps, passing through the bead.  Pull the thread tight.  The pick up a new bead and continue until you reach the desired length.  (Use 50-60 beads to reach your preferred length for a double wrap bracelet.)

·         The beads will sometimes crowd together and bump each other out of place.   If this happens, pinch the strands firmly between your thumb and forefinger while holding the button in the other hand.  Pull firmly away from the button. The beads will settle into place.

·         Sometimes the leather starts to curve a bit. Bend the bracelet in the opposite direction, working your way along the bracelet to counteract the curve.  Eventually, it will lay straight.

·         Anchor the last bead by repeating the wrap stitch twice, just like with the first bead.  Add a bit of fabric glue to the threads at the beginning and ending of the bracelet.  Tie an overhand knot in the leather straps about 1-2 beads length from the end of the bracelet.

·         Tie a second overhand knot, making sure the button can just pass between the leather.  Repeat this process for a third knot.  Now your bracelet is adjustable!

·         Your finished bracelet looks like this!

3 comments on “Emerald Leather Wrap Bracelet Tutorial DIY
  1. Kate Feuer says:

    Looks fabulous! Can’t believe I still haven’t made one, but maybe this will be the tipping point! 🙂

  2. Adina Smith says:

    OMG what a pretty blog. This is my first time to this site but my friend has told me about your work and you are very very good!
    Wrap bracelets

  3. This tutorial is one of Bead World’s most popular! I promise, you can do it. Get to work! 😉

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