Don’t Throw Away Those Scraps!

We’re always telling you guys to save those little bits of sterling silver you have left over when you cut headpins or links of chain.  After all, that’s sterling silver and it has value!  But you know how it is — those itty bitty pieces of silver don’t seem like much.  Most of our clients just throw those bits away, no matter how loudly we protest.  If you save them, though, you can amass quite the pile over time.  I can admit it, I’m cheap, and that pile has a very real monetary value!

We understand that it’s a little weird to wander into your local pawn shop with a pile of sterling silver clippings.  Some shops that “Will Buy Your Gold And Silver” don’t even want to deal with the small amounts that beaders have.  So we’re making it easy for you!  You can bring your sterling silver, gold-filled and gold scrap metal to your local Bead World!  We’ll pay you in Bead Bucks (we ALWAYS want more Bead Bucks, right?) and you can turn your “garbage” into more great beads for your collection. 

2 comments on “Don’t Throw Away Those Scraps!
  1. Net says:

    Gold parties held in peoples homes usually pay the host a commission, on the total sales of the party. The payout at gold parties may be less than a jeweler or metals refiner may offer.

    Scrap gold jewelry

  2. True, such parties do exist. The nice thing about the way we are doing it is that it’s not another thing to plan or another trip to make — our clients are coming to Bead World all the time anyway!

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