Classic V Ear Wires

Classic V Ear Wires

Classic V Ear Wires

V ear wire 4

I love a chic, modern V ear wire with an integrated bead.  It’s a gorgeous way to highlight a special bead.  Plus, V ear wires are sleek and light weight while still feeling special.  Designer V ear wires can be a bit pricey, but we have good news!  Making your own V ear wires is both easy and versatile.  Showcase your favorite beads in a fully custom earring.

You will need:

  • 20 gauge sterling silver wire, half hard (8 inches)
  • wire cutters
  • ruler
  • round nose pliers
  • steel bench block
  • ball pein hammer
  • rubber mallet or rawhide mallet
  • beads (2)
  • metal file or cup burr


V ear wire 1

For each ear wire, cut a 4 inch piece of 20 gauge sterling silver. Using your round nosed pliers, bend wire in half. Use the natural curve of the wire to create a smooth rounded “V” shape.

V ear wire 2

String one bead on to the ear wire and place the wire on your steel bench block. Using the flat side of your jeweler’s ball pein hammer, flatten the end of the wire under the bead. Make sure the flattened wire is wide enough to stop the bead from coming off the ear wire.

V ear wire 3

Work harden the curve at the top of the ear wire by hammering it with a rubber or rawhide mallet.This will harden the metal without flattening it.

V ear wire 4

If there are any rough edges, you can file them smooth with a cup burr or metal file.

V ear wire 5

For a fun design alternative, you can create a loop at the bottom of your ear wire. Using your round nosed pliers, curl the flattened end into a loop.

V ear wire 6

Then, you can wire wrap a dangle to the loop.  A single gemstone looks great highlighted on a V ear wire!  You can make a bunch of this style of V ear wires, so you always have some ready.  A fun tip: Never just make one pair.  It can be tough to get two ear wires to match exactly.  If you make 4 or 5 pairs in a sitting, it will be very easy to find the best match for each ear wire from the pile.

Have fun!!

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