Christmas in July

Every summer we celebrate “Christmas in July” at our Bead World stores.  It’s a fun chance to pull out our fabulous ornament classes, snowman earring kits and snowflake patterns.  Plus, the distraction from the hat is more than welcome — after all, we are in Arizona, and it’s 118 degrees out there today.  Every July, I announce that I’m making an ornament for everyone in the family.  (This is a reasonable goal, as I have six monts to finish them.)  Every August, though, I put it all away until fall.  Will this be the year I finish those ornaments?  I’ll keep you posted.

“Snowy Christmas Tree Earrings” kit, with Crystal AB Swarovski beads

“Fancy Snowflake”, pattern available in our book, “Holiday Ornaments”

“Russian Ornament”, available as a class in July at Bead World

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